We firmly believe that every woman carries her own unique radiance that deserves to be celebrated. Our mission is to uncover that inner glow and showcase it through our versatile pieces. Shine brightly on the yoga mat, at work, or on a night out. Athleeya's designs boost your self-confidence, delivering more than just fashion – it carries a powerful message for all the strong women out there.

Move & Shine - discover your movement that makes you shine.

Movement isn't just physical activity for us; it's a means of creating value, enriching ourselves, and those around us. Life truly comes alive through movement. What we pour our hearts into reflects in our outward beauty. Athleeya encourages you to find your movement that makes you shine, not just externally but internally as well.


Radiate Individuality.

Embrace your uniqueness and imperfections – the true markers of individuality. Our clothing empowers you with confidence, ensuring you shine effortlessly in every aspect of life.

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We Believe in You.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond fashion. It's about amplifying your feminine strength, embracing self-love, and unleashing your sensuality and energy. We believe in your power, and our clothing is designed to reflect and enhance that belief.

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Essential Comfort, Redefined.

Feeling amazing is a given. We've combed through international markets to bring you fabrics that embody our brand's essence. After much exploration, we've found the perfect materials and colours that we think you'll love too. Our thoughtful combination not only adds a beautiful aesthetic to our designs but, most importantly, ensures the comfort we all seek.

Equity in Every Aspect.

We take environmental consciousness further than just visual appeal. Your orders are packed in compostable bags crafted from vegetable starch, ensuring 100% compostability and natural decomposition within 3-6 months in the environment. These bags meet the rigorous standards of the OK Compost European certificate.

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We actively repurpose fabric scraps, transforming potential waste into new creations. This sustainable practice not only minimizes our environmental footprint but also reflects our dedication to being champions of equity, uniting the worlds of fashion and environmental impact.

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Slow Fashion, Timeless Style.

Each piece comes with its own unique story. Committed to fair business practices, we prioritize quality over quantity. Slow fashion provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your concern not only for fashion but also for our planet.

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Daily Challenges, Dress Your Way.

Our fabrics go beyond "fashion-positive"; they're your daily comfort. Compact, gentle, and effortlessly versatile, Athleeya pieces transition seamlessly from sport and casual to glam. Embrace challenges with style – let your unique journey shine through your wardrobe.

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Enduring Design.

We shape our lives by what we choose to wear. Our wardrobe philosophy embraces a curated mix of basic and fashion pieces, ensuring every item serves a purpose. No clutter, no hesitation – with our timeless designs, each piece remains beautiful, making your wardrobe choices effortless.

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Slavka has always dreamed of a career in the fashion industry and she holds a degree in fashion design, despite originally working as an architect. She loves the whole world of design and has an incredible feeling for combining materials and colours. She adds a touch of class and individuality to each item in our collection.


Petra worked for many years in the corporate world where she oversaw numerous product marketing campaigns and today, she brings that knowledge and expertise to Athleeya. In addition, as someone with a long-term passion for yoga, her keen eye pays special attention to the functional design and comfort of the entire collection.

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